HMG Software Designed for Geologists

HMG Software LLC was established to create quality software products for the Well-Site Geologist that are both well-designed and affordable. With many ways to purchase our software, from monthly subscriptions to non-expiring licenses with no annual subscription, we at HMG Software are committed to high-quality, feature-rich, logging software.

Latest Microsoft Technology

HMG Software is coded using the latest Microsoft programing language resulting in easy-to-use windows programs, which work on the latest windows operating system (Windows 10 compatible).

Software – Two Programs

HMG Software currently sells two software programs: Horizontal XSection for horizontal wells is our flagship program, first introduced in 2010, one of the earliest programs available for horizontal wells. HMG Strata Log introduced a year later is for vertical and directional wells with built in log correlator.

TVD Accurate

Employing the minimum curvature algorithm, both programs calculate and display survey data and exact borehole trajectories. The HMG Strata Log can toggle between MD and TVD-Corrected logs with the press of a button. The Horizontal XSection program interpolates curve projections between survey points for true representation of the wellbore.

Comprehensive Features

Horizontal XSection offers a host of extra features designed specifically for the well-site geologist. For example, Horizontal XSection makes drawing lithology beds simple, and offers the ability to put in faults and dipping beds with the rotate lithology tool. Moreover, Gamma logs (or any log type) can be imported into the cross-section to facilitate correlation, and the log opacity set to any desired value for better log integration.

About the Developer

With 20 years of experience as a well-site geologist, HMG Software’s Peter Falk has personally logged thousands of lateral feet on dozens of horizontal wells. Using his expertise and first-hand knowledge, the veteran geologist created his programs specifically as a cost-effective tool for geosteering and mudlogging horizontal projects.