About Us

Peter Falk

HMG Software LLC (and its pre-cursor company Horizontal Mudlog and Geosteering, Inc) were created out of the great recession of 2008. With the strong belief that one should never waste a recession (i.e. time on his hands), Peter decided to teach himself programming in the latest object-oriented programming language for Microsoft window. From this was born the two programs for the well-site geologist: Horizontal XSection and HMG Strata Log.

Check back soon for new software products because the latest slow-down in the industry means more time for programming!

About the Developer

With 20 years of experience as a well-site geologist, HMG Software’s Peter Falk has personally logged thousands of lateral feet on dozens of horizontal wells. Using his expertise and first-hand knowledge, the veteran geologist created his programs specifically as a cost-effective tool for geosteering and mudlogging horizontal projects.