Special Features

All Programs

  • Compatible with recent Windows Operating Systems (including Windows 10).
  • Follows windows program conventions so easy to learn.
  • Profile (TVD vs Vertical Sections) and Map Views.
  • Display TVD and Subsea depths
  • Use F-keys to store Font selections (i.e. font type, size color, background color and text borders).
  • Add Photos
  • Export data as LAS file.
  • Export logs as JPEG, TIFF, PNG or GIF.
  • Many special features like a kick-off and dip calculators.
  • Status bar at bottom displays all track-specific data under the mouse including survey data, curve data, % lithology data and more.
  • Automatically add Survey data as text to Cross-Section track by holding down Shift key.
  • Customize curves by color, thickness and style (solid, dash, dash dot, etc.).
  • Linear or semi-log graphs.

Horizontal XSection Program

  • Add semi-transparent offset logs (TVD Logs) to cross-section (Horizontal XSection). User selects the degree of opacity.
  • GeoHorizons (i.e. Tops, Faults any Planer surface)
  • Rotate beds and TVD logs to match dips
  • Group lithology beds for easier editing.
  • Built in Geosteering feature.
  • Display 10 separate laterals (i.e. well plan, multiple laterals and or sidetracks).
  • Differentiate slide and rotate intervals by color on the lateral
  • Edit lateral and survey points by thickness and colors.

HMG Strata Log Program

  • Toggle (press of a button) between MD and TVD logs (Strata Log).
  • Change background color in tracks by interval to show slide depths, core depths connection locations etc.
  • Correlate TVD-corrected log with up to three different offset logs. Use mouse button to see subsea depths and draw red line across correlation.
  • Adds Survey Data and Survey marker with simple mouse clicks.